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Rapid Prototyping of Real Time Wireless Systems Workshop Seminar

Rapid Prototyping of Real Time Wireless Systems Workshop Seminar
23 May 2016
Kuala Lumpur Convention Center (MR306)

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In today’s competitive wireless research space, the ability to quickly prototype ideas on hardware using real signals is more important than ever.  In this half day tutorial, you will gain hands-on experience with National Instruments’ integrated hardware and software platform for rapid prototyping of real-time wireless systems using the NI LabVIEW Communications System Design Suite (LabVIEW Communications) and the NI USRP-RIO FPGA-based software defined radio.   At the end of the tutorial, you will be able to design, simulate, and prototype a 5 MHz LTE-based real-time OFDM link on a high performance FPGA, and transmit data over the air using the link you design on the NI USRP-RIO.  The tutorial will cover the most important aspects of the idea-to-prototype flow in a single tool, including floating-point simulation, floating-point to fixed-point conversion, HW/SW partitioning, performance-complexity tradeoffs, and finally verification and testing on an FPGA-based software-defined radio. 

No prior experience with FPGA’s or NI hardware or software tools is required but you should have working knowledge on digital and wireless communications topics such as OFDM.


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Tutorial Outline

  • Overview of NI LabVIEW Communications System Design Suite & NI USRP RIO
  • System Architecture Definition
    • System Designer Tool
    • Reference Designs and Sample Project
  • Initial Floating Point Algorithm Development
    • MathScript and C Nodes
    • Multi-Rate Diagram
    • Unit Testing
  • Preparing a Design for Deployment to FPGA
    • Fixed Point Conversion
    • System Testbenches
    • FPGA Simulation
    • FPGA Compile
  • Connecting and Exercising your Design Over The Air
    • Integrating the design into an existing Sample Project
    • Data communication to/from the FPGA
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