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Embedded Summit 2016 Malaysia

Next-Gen Embedded Summit 2016

2016 Embedded Summit, Malaysia

Date: 25th August 2016
Time: 2pm-5pm
Venue: Hotel Sri Petaling
Address: 30, Jalan Radin Anum, Bandar Baru Sri Petaling,
57000 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

By 2020, more than 50 billion devices will be digitally connected, representing $19 trillion in business opportunity. From the "smart edge", where NI hardware performs local control and data acquisition, to monitoring and controlling entire networks of intelligent "system of systems," join us at and learn how engineers and technicians are using NI software and hardware, to build advanced IIoT applications with a single, integrated platform.

This technical seminar will explore key factors and considerations when developing IIoT applications, from the selection of sensors and actuators, to platform selection and data analytics for a variety of applications including:

    • Online condition monitoring
    • Smart Machines and Smart Factories
    • Intelligent Infrastructure
    • Smart Grid and Smart Cities


    At the end of this event, you will learn:

      • How you can take advantage of LabVIEW to design custom monitoring and control systems with field-programmable gate arrays (FPGAs), real-time operating systems, and analog I/O
      • How to implement specialized high-performance motion control systems with the NI RIO architecture
      • How existing systems can be retrofitted with NI technology to increase reliability, connectivity, performance and future proofing by taking advantage of advanced functionality and late latest industry technologies.


      This seminar is designed for:

          • Engineers, and technicians who build, design, or implement embedded systems
          • Engineers using programmable logic controllers or single-board computers
          • Designers of industrial machinery, equipment, vehicles, or other electromechanical devices with moving parts and electronically controlled actuators

            This 3-hour free event will host several technical sessions presented by NI, along with application examples from industry presenters.

            1.00pm Registration

            Keynote: Overcome the challenges of embedded design with a platform based approach
            Hing Wai Toong, Area Sales Manager, National Instruments

            Are you ready to implement the Industrial Internet of Things?  This technology revolution is more than just a vision or a trend, it is here today -- and here to stay. But this revolution does not come without challenges, control and monitoring systems for the Industrial Internet of Things are becoming more complex, requiring a platform-based approach that overcomes obstacles and scales with evolving requirements over time.  In this session, you will learn about the incredible opportunities being created by this migration towards smarter devices, processes, and infrastructure.


            Advantage of the LabVIEW RIO Architecture
            Peter Leong, Field Sales Engineer, National Instruments

            High-performance machines often require specialized control algorithms and advanced synchronization with sensors and vision systems. These requirements can be difficult or impossible to meet with fixed-function motion controllers and drives, and custom design often isn’t feasible. At this session, learn how you can use a fully reconfigurable motion control architecture that combines an FPGA, a real-time processor, and modular I/O to implement specialized high-performance systems more effectively than traditional approaches.

            3.15pm Tea Break & Floor Demonstration Session

            Embedded System Deployment Case Studies: Asset Management, Agriculture and Smart Factories
            Mohd Shazlan Bin Mohd Anwar, Managing Director, VISI

            Recent technologies are merging towards Big Data Analytics (BDA). The adoption of IIoT in the industries is picking up and on the rise. This presentation will share some of our experiences in developing and deploying such systems – Focusing on benefits, approach and challenges in implementing and duplicating these systems. Three case studies will be presented, which are from the Vessel Monitoring System, Agriculture and Smart Factory applications.


            Introducing New Technologies to Enable The IIoT
            Sumayyah Mustafa, District Sales Engineer, National Instruments

            In this session, learn about the new NI technology for embedded control and monitoring applications. Products include the latest CompactRIO and Single-Board RIO controllers, the new Controller for FlexRIO, and the latest C Series I/O modules. These devices incorporate the most up-to-date technology and provide new I/O points to offer you innovative and advanced functionality that can increase your productivity and system performance. Attend this session to see some of this new technology in action and learn how it can enable your next application.


            Question & Answer Session


            Simplify your system using CompactRIO Controllers with dual-band, 802.11 wireless communication capabilities to connect directly to your WiFi infrastructure and more easily deploy systems in areas where running cabling is difficult, while meeting the shock, vibration, and temperature requirements of extreme environments. 


            Learn more about the CompactRIO

            NI InsightCM™

            NI InsightCM™ Enterprise is a deployment-ready software solution with tightly integrated and flexible hardware options for online condition monitoring applications. The suite can acquire and analyze measurements, generate alarms, visualize and manage data and results, and simplifies remote management for large deployments of CompactRIO-based monitoring systems. This demo showcases condition monitoring on different machines located at different sites using the NI InsightCM™.


            Learn more about the InsightCM™


            Protocol Transformer

            The NI cRIO-9068 features an all-new design for embedded control and monitoring applications. It uses the advance Xilinx Zynq-7000 technology which consists of a 667 MHz dual-core ARM Cortex-A9 processor running the NI Linux Real-Time OS and an Artix-7 FPGA on a single SoC with an open development environment, NI LabVIEW. This demo features the NI RIO platform as a multi-protocol reader and transmitter.


            Learn more about the Protocol Transformer