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Planet NI Program for Small and Medium Enterprises


Innovative SMEs and startups are key contributors to the socioeconomic development of emerging countries because they generate new and high-value jobs and social value. However, a dynamic entrepreneurial sector depends on many factors including financial support, market expertise, and access to cutting-edge technology - these are especially true at the nascent stage. The Planet NI program helps entrepreneurs in established small businesses and startups increase their access to world-class development tools, technical training, and technology-based markets.

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What qualifications do I need to participate in the program?

  • Your business and main market is geographically located in Malaysia
  • You have a new product or solution idea that could benefit from the use of NI products
  • You have an existing business or a business plan to provide socially innovative products
  • You are having difficulty acquiring financial support for your technology-based product or service (NI technical experts can offer details and make recommendations based on your organizational needs)

What are the benefits of using NI Technology?

  • Smooth transition from the early design and prototyping phase to deployment and production concurrent with business growth
  • Shorter time to market because tools are engineered for test, embedded control, and monitoring applications
  • Highly flexible, reliable, and tightly integrated software and hardware platforms that help implement market feedback quickly
  • Improved performance from capitalizing on commercial off-the-shelf technologies
  • Open platforms that can be integrated with third-party equipment and easily customized and scaled for future requirements
  • Access to technical and direct support for sales and service, and a global network of partners

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What are the Planet NI program member benefits?

  • Increased access to NI technology and world-class training and certification programs
  • Enhanced productivity, reduced development time, and improved return on investment
  • The worldwide NI partner and customer network

How can my organization apply?

Complete the following application form and provide a brief description of your business and your company’s products. Our technical experts will evaluate your application and reply within one business week to tell you the next steps in the process. Some important factors we consider during this evaluation include business plan, level of innovation, socioeconomic impact of the new product/service, and how well it works with NI technology.

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