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Visit NI at SEMICON Southeast Asia 2015

Semicon SEA 2015

Event Details:

Date: 22-24 April 2015
Time: 10.00-17.00
Booth Number: 1003
Venue: SPICE Arena, Penang, Malaysia

Join us at the upcoming SEMICON Southeast Asia 2015 Tradeshow to experience the latest industry-standard PXI modules, instrumentation and computing power. By visiting our booth, you will be able to learn how to lower your cost of test, accelerate time to market and discover how to meet the next-generation test requirements.


Demo Highlight in SEMICON Southeast Asia 2015:

NI Semiconductor Test Systems

The Semiconductor Test System (STS) series features fully production-ready test systems that use NI technology in a form factor suitable for a semiconductor production test environment. The STS combines the NI PXI platform, TestStand test management software, and LabVIEW graphical programming inside a fully enclosed test head. Its “tester in a head” design houses all the key components of a production tester including system controllers; DC, AC, and RF instrumentation; device under test (DUT) interfacing; and device handler/prober docking mechanics. This compact design eliminates the extra floor space, power, and maintenance required by traditional ATE testers that unnecessarily increase the cost of test.

DC Converter Testing with NI SMU

This demo shows off key features of NI SMUs by characterizing two DC-DC converters and high-brightness LEDs. The key features of this demo are the wide IV boundary, high sampling rate, and tight synchronization. The wide IV boundary allows us to use the 4139 for the high voltage requirements, as well as a sink high current into the 4139 on the output of the PMIC. The high sampling rate allows us to use the 4139 as a high voltage or current oscilloscope for capturing line and load transients.

Vision and Motion Demo

This demo integrates our advanced multi-core RIO, a stepper drive module, a drive interface module to an AKD drive, a Basler ACE POE GigE camera, and load cells back to a bridge module. It's setup to demonstrate advanced machine control concepts like vision guided motion and force feedback.

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